Episode 2 – All Vegetable Soup Party

A political dinner reveals the true nature of a candidate! The last things you’d expect to hear! A father and his sons bond over skinning animals and a soup party goes wrong before it even begins! It can only be the second episode of the Einstein Simplified Podcast!

Listen to Episode 2 by clicking here!

This episode features host Dave Snow, Greg Huff, Paul Simmons and Aaron Littleton.

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Episode 1 – Locked in a Loch

Hello everybody and welcome to the inaugural episode of the Einstein Simplified Podcast!

Listen to the episode here!

Well, this is technically the news post accompanying the first episode of the Einstein Simplified Podcast, but let’s try and be open minded about these things for the sake of clarity and brevity. Yes, even you Mike.

For those of you new to Einstein Simplified, we are a short form comedy improv troupe that makes up scenes and plays games based on suggestions. It’s a little bit like Whose Line Is It Anyway, that famous improv TV show you may know. Nothing is scripted and absolutely everything is made up on the fly.

We perform live shows every week on Tuesdays at 8pm at The Well in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Our podcasts are select members of the troupe performing roughly 20 – 30 minutes of new improv – yes folks, this is brand new content that you won’t see by coming to the shows! For our new visitors, this will hopefully whet your appetite for more. For alumni of our live shows, you’ll be getting bonus content every week.

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Our first show features Paul Simmons, Dave Snow, Brad Bumgardner and host Aaron Littleton.

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